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Tax Center SV IPB University proudly presents
🔥IPB Tax and Accounting Competition (ITAC) 2021🔥

This event is an annual prestigious tax and accounting competition in Indonesia. This year we came with the theme “Prove Your Accounting and Taxation Skills to Become a Smart Generation for Building a Better Infrastructure.”

☁ Participants Terms:
1. Form a team consists of 3 participants
2. Each participant must be an active university student (S1) in Indonesia preferably in Accounting, Taxation, and Economic.
3. Each university can register more than one team

📚Registration-go to Tax Center SVIPB Website –> ITAC 2021

📚Booklet link:

📌 Reguler Registration
1st August 2021 – 11th September 2021
📌Online Preliminary Test
12th September 2021
📌TOP 15 Announcement
13th September 2021
📌Main Event Registration
14th September 2021 – 17th September 2021
📌Technical Meeting
18th September 2021
📌Main Event
19th September 2021

📌 Registration Fee (PROMO!!!)
1 tiket : Rp. 50.000
2 tiket : Rp. 75.000
3 tiket : Rp. 100.000

📌 Registration Main Event Fee:
Rp. 300.000

Let’s register your team to become the winner of this prestigious competition and get the reward!

These are the special reward for the winners :
🏆1st: Trophy + Money + E-Certificate
🏆2nd: Money + E-Certificate
🏆3rd: Money + E-Certificate

📲For futher information about ITAC 2021, kindly contact us through:
Reza (0895619904941)
Mikhael Antonio (08159196733)

Email : itacitaf@gmail.com
or stay tuned on our instagram @itaf_ipb

IPB Tax and Accounting Fair 2021

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