[ITAF 2020: IPB Accounting Competition]
IPB Accounting Competition 2020 is coming back!

Tax Center SV IPB University proudly present
🔥IPB Accounting Competition (IAC) 2020🔥
This event is an annual prestigious accounting competition in Indonesia. This year we came with the theme “Forming Young Generation to be Clever, Creative and Productive In Digital Accounting Era in Facing Global Competition”.

☁ Participants Terms:
1. Form a team consists of 3 participants
2. Each participant must be an active university student (D3/D4/S1) in Indonesia preferably in Accounting, Taxation, and Economic.
3. Each university can register more than one team

📚Registration form link:
📚Booklet link:

📌Registration batch 1 (Early Bird)
1th August 2020 – 21st August 2020
📌Registration batch 2 (Regular)
22nd August 2020 – 10th October 2020
📌Online Preliminary Test
11th October 2020
📌TOP 15 Announcement
12th October 2020
📌Main Event Registration
25th October 2020 – 28th October 2020
📌Technical Meeting
21th November 2020
📌Main Event
22th November 2020

The main event will be held via zoom meeting
⏱️07.00 WIB – finish

💸Registration fee can be transfered to 0723227851 a.n Syaidah Azzahra (BNI)
📌 Registration batch 1 (Early Bird Fee):
Rp. 100.000
📌 Registration batch 2 (Reguler Fee):
Rp. 125.000
📌 Registration batch 3 (Main Event Fee):
Rp. 300.000

Let’s register your team to become the winner of this prestigious competition and get the reward!
These are the special reward for the winners:
🏆1st: Trophy + Money + E-Certificate
🏆2nd: Money + E-Certificate
🏆3rd: Money + E-Certificate

In additional we’ll give an appreciation reward as:
🏆1st: Money + E-Certificate
🏆2nd: Money + E-Certificate
🏆3rd: Money + E-Certificate

📲For futher information about IAC, kindly contact us through:
Mikhael Antonio (08159196733)
Yusuf Bahtiar (08977060302)
Line: @758jvdle
or stay tuned on our instagram @itaf_ipb✨

IPB Tax and Accounting Fair 2020

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